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Missed last week as I was in Tauporiding half the lake challenge, the best result ever finishing 5th in my age group and 80th overall, amazing.

Up and ready early this morning to try and have a more leisurely trip to Freyberg Beach.  Raewyn came with me as she needed to do some things in Wellington. When we arrived the sea was choppy in a Northerly wind.   Got my gear and went over to join everyone.  Most people weren't wearing their safety buoys due to the chop.  I wore mine as I wanted the practice to see how it rode in the water.  Swam out to the second buoy, which was into the incoming waves so the buoy rode out behind me.  I looked around for the 1km buoy but could see it so swam back to the fountain the waves were now coming in from my left side so the buoy kept wacking me in the face, which caused me to shorten my stroke.  This was annoying, I'll have to figure out if it would be better with a longer or shorter harness rope.  I then swam back to the 1st raft and headed back around.  I was swimming by myself as I was slower than anyone else.  I was really pleased that I felt comfortable in the conditions. Swimming through the winter has certainly helped my confidence.  

I swam the same loop which gave me a total distance of just over 3km in 1.30hrs.  I concentrated on keeping my elbow higher than my wrist and my wrist higher than my fingers fo my catch as shown by Barb, which gave me better contact with the water and more power in my stroke.  I will need to keep working on this and the transition into my pull as I am still losing contact with the water so not maintaining the power through my stroke.  Maybe it has something to do with my endurance and getting tired the further I go.  Awe well I no the bitter truth and that is more practice, practice and following Barb's instructions.

After my swim, I got my two lollies from Barb and went and had a shower. Then went to Greta Point for coffee.  I sat outside with Raewyn and the two dogs and enjoyed another of Wellington's hot summer days, amazing.

When I arrived home I discovered that I had left my goggles, gloves, and Garmin behind.  So I was relieved when I rang the pool attendants and received word that they were sitting where I left them on the seat in the foyer, very relieved.  Said a silent thank you to the honesty of mankind.

Another Sunday swim under my belt and feeling good, thanks Barb for your continued support and guidance and thanks to my zipper upper, Bryn.  See you all next Sunday. 

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